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Night Time Adventures Episode 1

A gay old time

I put down my headset and closed out all the programs that I use every day for work purposes. I was just glad to be done that day seeing as it seemed like every call was an emergency about one issue or another. To keep it short but I was glad to be done work. The only problem with being done at 11pm at my office is that where it is located inOttawa,ON is that the public transit so late just sucks. So a co-worker at the time offered me a lift closer to my place. He was a nice enough guy, his name is Kris. So we left and chatted about him leaving the company for a better job among other Canadian issues such as high gas prices and poor public transit service. So he drops me off at AlgonquinCollege which is right beside the bus stop. I just dredged through the snow and made my way to the bus stop. I hurried as fast as my feet would carry me and got into the bus shelter. I was walking, listening to the music of my Ipod when I heard a couple of people chatting very loud; loud enough to over take my music.  I pulled out one headphone and just overheard parts of their conversation. It wasn’t anything special so I focused back on the music. All of the sudden, another black person like myself came from what would be the darkness of the night came into the bus shelter and dropped his bag. He looked me dead in the eyes then in seconds, asked me for a lighter. I shook my head then watched as he walked over to the two other voices and started talking with them. I looked towards city call and then saw these two, club dressed, skinny guys standing right in front of me holding an open pack of smokes. I looked up and the man asked, “You want a smoke?”

“No man, I’m good. I don’t smoke.” I answered then I pretended to look for my phone to answer a call that wasn’t coming in. The man holding the cigarette took a step closer and whispered, “You know that guy?”

“No, I don’t know him.” I snapped back with.

“Ah ok! He’s super creepy just coming up on us like that.” The guy holding the cigarettes put them back in his pocket. The second guy stepped towards me as well, “You got a problem with us?” I guess my fists clinching up on my side weren’t a friendly approach to talking with strangers. I took a step back, giving back the space they took and just said, “No I don’t, so where are you?”

“You don’t? You’re ok with gays or something.” The second gay glanced over a the other black person in this bus shelter. Every thought in my mind was the same in that brief moment, ‘I’m cool with gay guys.” I didn’t even blink as the words came out. They didn’t react for a second then we all just laughed. I know right, I go off and be offensive in the hope that they either walk off or just laugh AND I get the second option. We then started a conversation more about where they were going and less about my personal life. I did tell them I worked for a fax company and that I was making money. Then  as the bus came and we all go on, he starts telling me about a job he thought I would be perfect for. I chuckled and was like, “Ok what is it?”

“You could be a bouncer at the gay bar I’m heading to tonight.” I of course didn’t believe him but I indulged the nice guy by asking for the details and a card. To my shock and surprise, he was legit about it. He gave me a card and everything. Half way through the pitch, I interjected with a simple question right before I was to get off the bus, “Why me? I’m tall and look like I could hurt someone so why me?”

“Because we know that there wouldn’t be any bias. A straight guy won’t accept favors to rush people to the front of the line.” I tried to stay straight faced but I couldn’t and bursted out laughing.

My stop came and that’s where I waived to the gentlemen, wished them a great night adventures and made my transfer home.

One comment on “Night Time Adventures Episode 1

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