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I-Full Experience

A simple question was posed to me that got me thinking, Who would be in your band?

Every band has four to five members (bass player, lead guitar, singer and drummer) plus a manager and or agent. A band is a group of musicians creating music together, each part having the synergy need to become and produce get music. I’m no musician by any stretch but, I did have that thought of what and who my band could be IF I could create it and the music we’d create.

Let’s start with the front person for the band.  The lead singer of the band has to have that something, that presence that would draw people off of the street, draw them to your CD cover or album art in I tunes. For those reasons plus an awesome voice I’d have to Jennifer. Why such a pick? Well the voice is perfect for the type of music that I would want to create and the look would create a great image for a lead female singer. No Doubt had a lead singer who was the identity of the band. I’m hard pressed to be able to name off the rest of the band members but I sure as hell know the lead singer by face and name(Haley Williams) and who would be the appeal to ladies to match the appeal of Jennifer that she would have obviously have to the men.

The next person would be the lead guitar. A guitar player is someone who put the years to master the instrument and the history behind it. Also in my band, it’d be a must that you can read music and have a basic understand of the history. As well as, in some bands is that sex appeal that you market sometimes instead of the lead singer. And for all those reasons and the talent that is already there, I’d make my guitar player Alex. His talent is the strongest part of him and the appeal for women would be there.

The third person in the band is the drummer, the heart, (in my opinion) of the band. The drummer is the beat that keeps the rest on track. Talent with this person is a must and the love for the drums is a must. In short, I’d make my choice Kevin. I went to high school with this man and even though, he could rotate into any of the other instruments, I saw him having the best potential as a drummer.

The final person in the band as a performer is the bass player. The bass player is a rock. He would be reliable and honest to a fault almost. And for these reasons, as well as the talent that’s again already there, I’d have to pick Cameron.

A manager for the band, that is a easy choice. And with this unique grouping, I’d pick someone who didn’t really know anyone in the group and it’d be Tobi. Shrude, caring and determined to do the best at her job and be the best that she can be, it’d draw the best out of the band.

Now what music would this band I just created write and play? Hmm, we have a group of faithful music lovers so it’d be easy to have them sing alternative similar to any of their favorite artists. I think the first album would show the range of different styles but focusing on the lyrics and artistic tones. So to put it in a simple sense, it’d be one part Smashing Pumpkins, one part Nickleback and with a bit of Emo flavor.

And what is my part in this whole band, I’m the guy with the money. I’d be the silent partner who put up the money to get the band together.

Hope you enjoy the read


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