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May 6th, 2012


Of course Monday, was just another fun filled commute to work. My actual job is at an office assisting customer with the billing and tech support for an internet company. I can’t mention the actual name due to work policies but most Mondays are ridiculous in the volume of calls but this past Monday was the exact opposite. The karma gods flipped the week around. So most of the week just flew by. Very quiet but then Friday, I walk into the office and sit at my desk, only to find out that there was as of 3pm four major issue. I mentally walked back home with twenty pound sacks on my feet and arms. So 70 some calls later and I’m heading for the commute for home. All I could think of was to open a bottle of crown royal or Gin and slam it down.

12:30am comes and up and I’m already opening up my box of Avacyn Restored. It was the greatest Friday night where I wasn’t getting my dance on or getting my drinking on. Saturday was a good example of how people change over time. Most Saturdays would have been just game with the regular group till 5pm then come home but I decided to try and do that thing called enjoy your house for once. So the game ended early, and with a quick stop at the Algonquin College, I made my way home and just stayed in for the evening. I had an amazing dinner which was followed by a familiar Saturday night nap then organized some of my magic cards and created and edited two decks. I mixed myself by far the worst drink though. It’s fruitopia/Gin/Talia. It taste like all four put together but hey, it’s until you try something, is how you learn something new.

I’ve been watching more and more of some youtube videos. I did give some thought to becoming rather than a written blogger a video blogger. Then after watching a couple of great vloggers that I stumbled across online that I’d rather hide my natural voice volume is low. It’s something that plagues me everywhere I go. From people who I talk with on a daily basis to my job and all the stuff in between. So I want to work on making sure I speak loud enough so that I won’t have to yell my fool head off while I record videos. It will come, I just have to make time record the videos.

It’s a bit late and my xbox is calling me.

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One comment on “May 6th, 2012

  1. Very cool stuff dude. If you want some tips on starting to do video blogs feel free to msg me!

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