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Monthly Flashback

Once a month, I plan to re-post old blogs from older website so that people can see how I thought about things years ago. And why not start on December 18, 2009. A quick back story, at this time, I was working for the Sun media group.  It was close to christmas time and of course we all know how that time of year gets.  Enjoy!


I’m sitting here at work, it’s super dead and boy do I wish they would let me leave early. I’ll send a spark(instant messenger) to my boss to see if I can leave early. I’ll cross my fingers about that.

So work today has been very up and down at points. This morning is was down. No real energy at all. I been working harder and harder on getting better at work.

I was about have lunch when I noticed my supervisior dropping a case of drinks. And our department head saying how we are gonna have an extra five minutes. Due to the fact that our work gave me a christmas card and deseret. It was the first time that I ever gotten anything Xmas related from work. The card was nice with the candy cane as well.

Update: I got an offer my work for attendance improvement. Be here all day for all your shifts, you get a extra day off with pay. Excited! Just enough.

Xmas shopping after work. Four places to go with many people to shop for. Oh I might go see another movie today. I saw Blind Side on wensday night and OH my it was great. Worth going to see to pay.

What do I think someone should get me? I’d love a month where I don’t have to pay my rent.

Ah well, offically done and bored here at work.

Work next week is odd, I have one day on and day off, and two days on, two days off.




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