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Thursday Five

The idea is every thursday I put out a list of five things based on a topic either chosen by myself or by people who read and comment on these blogs. It will sometimes be shocking and sometimes it will be just regular.

To start this great series, I’ll start with a topic that easy for people to relate with. So here are five TV shows that I loved to watch.

1. Duckman

It’s a series about a smart mouth, lude, perverted father duck detective and his odd ball family. It’s an adult based cartoon/sitcom based out of america. I first got to watch it on Teletoon(canadian version of Cartoon central). I got right into the whole perverted humor & it’s deep lining plots hidden within that. I got to the point during the original run of the series that I recorded 7 hours worth of the show on VHS and always took to sleep overs so I could show it off to friends. I did stay up till 12:30am saturday nights to just record one episode. It’s a fine wine of a cartoon so not a lot of people enjoy it on the same level as I do.

2. Inspector Gadget & Sailor Moon

This was the first of two shows that I can say that I grew up with. I remember being a young boy of 7 years old. It was just, old fashioned campy cartoon series. It is a Canadian cartoon series. The bad guys would come up with crazy plans that Inspector Gadget would stumble through and his niece Penny would along with her dog Brain would solve the crime.

The second show is an anime that I got hooked into later into my pre teens. It was sailor moon. I couldn’t tell you if it was the hormones or just how different the show was when it first debuted in canada, it was just a good show that I watched every time it was alone.

3.  Star Trek: The Next Generation

Everyone knows the show with the crew on a starship who travel the galaxy and do stuff to make the universe a better place. I’m a bit of a nerd so this show was the spark of it all. I would sit in the living room for many afternoons from 5:30 – 6:30pm watching the show, my imagination going crazy watching this show go on. My mind didn’t understand all the different adult storylines but I enjoyed what I could understand of it.

4.  Bar Rescue

This is one of the new shows, I watched on one sunday night and I instanly became a fan. It shows how owning a bar is not as easy as even I thought it would be. The first episode, the host showed how crazy and over packed their menu. The host is a no bullshit kind of person. He wants to help but won’t put up with bullshit from the owners, staff members or anyone.

5.  Bob’s burgers

A sleeper for sure. I first was like, change the channel anytime the show came on but I gave a chance and it did it’s hardest to change my mind on how good the show can be. I tend to get right into some shows like this when it somehow makes you want to watch again.

So there you have. Five shows that I watched and in some cases still watch to this day and I am addicted to.

So leave a comment about any of these shows or if you have any shows I should take a look at


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