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Friday Magic

With the newiest set of Avavyn Restored out, I went out and bought a box. I did open a good amount of rares. But now the question was, what decks could I build with the new box full of cards. Well Below is what I decided to build.


4x Elite Vanguard
4x Elite Inquisitor
4x Gideon’s Avenger
3x Emancipation Angel
2x Angel of Jubilation
2x Sun Titan
3x Sunblast Angel

3x Mana Leak
3x Feeling of Dread
3x Crippling Chill
3x Ghostly Flicker
3x Frost Breath

6x Glacial Fortress
5x Islands
12x Plains


Celestal Purge
Act of Aggression

The whole decks idea is to tap down your oppents creatures and just smashing the oppents face with your creatures of humans and angels. The other win conditions is to tap down all their creatures with the many tap spells that I have avaiable then wipe the board of creatures with Sunblast Angel’s ability. As well there is sun titan is always a good six drop to have end games.
The sideboard is still a work in progress but the act of aggression is to steal away other big threats and use them against them.

The test so far with this deck has yielded some good results so far. I will try to get a video or two of me testing the deck.

Till next week


One comment on “Friday Magic

  1. Well I sincerely liked reading it. This tip offered by you is very helpful for accurate planning.

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