First Loves

Large thanks go out to Alex J Cavanaugh’s for his first loves blogfest.


First Movie

I just loved this movie. It was the first movie I remember watching in a theater. It was a hot summer’s day.  The a/c in the theater was an amazing feeling as I just enjoyed this simple story about a young women who defies the odds and the culture stereotypes and becomes a hero to everyone in china plus Eddie Murphy made this movie amazing from beginning to end.

First Song

Can you guess what song was the first song I listened to? Not by a long shot unless you are a fan of the group. It’s an alternative band called the Smashing Pumpkins. I first heard this song had to be walking through the mall one Sunday afternoon while the first love and the rest of the gang. I was feeling alone in a crowd because I was in my teens and didn’t have an identity yet. This song gave me that comfort I was missing.

First Book

The first time I opened this book, the imagery and the story pulled me in and I just started to read it non stop.  From the school bus to my bed at night and any free moment I could get. I was in tears at the end of it because it had to end. The escape alone was the greatest gift I could get from the cold world around me.

First Love

Young love ends with old memories. My first love’s name was Kathleen. She was a brunette who stood near as tall as me as a kid.  We were the artistic types in the six person gang. I just knew by talking with her one on one and the times we’d do stuff together; there was a spark. One night, we hung out together before the lights came on and it was time for me to go to bed. I finally dragged up the courage and told her that I liked her. She smiled and grabbed my shaking hands. I could scream how happy I was. She then told me that she was waiting for me to say that. We just sat by a pine tree for six hours, hand and hand chatting away. My mom for once at the time said it was ok for to stay out till 11pm. Right before we were to go home, she told me that her family was moving. I wasn’t gonna stop the tears from coming out. My heart was indeed broken but she was my first love. I will never forget her.


2 comments on “First Loves

  1. Narnia made several lists on Monday. Excellent series.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  2. Awww, the story about your first love is so bittersweet. At least you got to tell her how you felt. These were fun to read, I love Mulan! 🙂


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