Thursday 5

The idea for this Thursday 5 came to me while I was busing home one day from work. So I was wondering when I get some days off from work, beside a do nothing day, where would I go on vacation. So that idea flourished into the follow five places I would like to visit:

1. Jamaica

My homeland. The place that my mother comes from. The place where this is beaches with white sands and great resorts. Don’t get me wrong, I will be visiting my family while I’m there but the last time I went, I was a 16yrs old and could only go so far. This time around, I’m going to do the whole deal with the privacy of my resort room and see everything and all the family that I can see. Plain and simple, the trip I want to take to get back in touch with my roots.

2. U.S

My first trip to America was a tease that resulted in a great adventure. This time around, I want to get it in. A week trip in the states could lead me to so many places, New York State. Michigan area to just mention two of them.  My dad is a trucker and has told me stories about the many places he’s stopped in while on the road. That fills my head with just the idea of seeing all these new places. One stop would be Florida for the wrestling fan in me. The TNA/Impact Wrestling & Florida Championship Wrestling would be two definite visits.

3. Trinidad & Tobago

I wouldn’t have added this onto the list of places I would want to visit but my mind was changed. The place seems similar to Jamaica but of course the differences make it night to Jamaica’s day. Would enjoy just a three day stint there no problem.

4. Newfoundland/Halifax

The whole east coast has been a dream of mine for awhile. All the people I’ve met from there always tell me that I’d have an amazing time with the rows of drinking bars to the actual sights would be something to do in the day verses the night life of drinking pubs & clubs.

5. Japan

This is a long shot in happening anytime soon. Airline tickets is and will always be a problem for me. The trip would be awesome! I would get a whole other world. The anime that I fell in and out of love with. The great video game players with the arcades that they play in.  Also the whole culture shock in my eyes would be amazing. So many differences, way too much to mention.

Overall, there are some good places I would want to visit. What are some places you would want to visit?  What do you think of the places that I want to go visit?

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2 comments on “Thursday 5

  1. Great list! Fingers crossed you get to visit them all.

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