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A little late Friday Magic!

I’m apart of a casual group of players who just play for the fun of it. We hold games every weekend at someone’s house or at our local college when we are planning to have more than six people at the event.  I am planning to go out to our event this weekend and grab some pictures of our group doing what we love best, playing cards.
I found out about this through our local MtG facebook group. I took the dive and walked into a stranger’s apartment and haven’t looked back since. I have played some good games and come to call all these people friends.

This weekends games were pretty good. The regular sixty card games were alright except one player had legacy and modern styles decks. High tide into storm was always a good thing to sit and watch.

If you live in the Ottawa area and you want to play Magic in a casual environment

Magic the Gathering is fun so have fun playing it



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