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A Day of Production

Sunday was a day where my creative side got to go out and play with others for a change rather than just be by itself in the corner. I spent a good chunk of my day filming a video that I won’t spoil because it may or may not be up yet by the time this blog goes up.
I came from my home in Kanata and I figured I would grab a couple of pictures and get a quick video of myself before I met up with these, at the time, internet people who’ve I’ve only seen videos of. Was I nerves, as always I was a bit but I’ve come to learn that if you don’t get your name out there and do stuff you’ll never get known enough. Of course with OC transpo, I had to leave at 11:30am to make sure I was downtown before 1pm. The bus ride was like any other out of Kanata. Full of teens who have nothing better to do but escape the suburb. I wish I could have grab a photo of these three teens in the back. Reminded me of my first journey into Kanata. Me and the boys looking for adventure or women.
I made it early of course to the downtown core. So I decided to attempt to find some new pants and for a 6’5 guy like myself it isn’t as going to wal-mart and grabbing a couple of pairs. So I tried like three different places and the last two places were just over priced and the people who worked there was nice and just helped me but the first place I went to; I wanted to slam my fist into the women’s face. A former sales rep for rogers, I can say I was aggressive at times when I tried to move products but I never did something I thought was wrong to make a sale. This one saleswomen, came over to me and started to put some shorts away when she turned and looked up at me with a smile on her face. Looked back and smiled like a dope. The longest 4 seconds on earth went by with a dead silence. The highlight of the conversation.
Her:What brings you downtown?
Me: Shoot a video on a nice day like this
Her: My sister does film, I didn’t know you could do that in Ottawa.
Me: Yeah, you can do it anywhere you got a camera.
Her: *silence for a moment* True but you should grab these shorts for the film, you’d look better than you do in those jeans.
So after three different stores, I took my from the dollaramma where I bought myself a drink and gum over to Smokes. I walk in and see a guy wearing a straw hat. When he said my name, my mind went blank and two separate thoughts came into my head. “I must know him from somewhere or sometime”or  “Is he talking to me?” It turned out to be the other member of our party for the afternoon.   We talked about the different content we produce and he gave me some feedback on the blog I had wrote. Smokes is a poutine only restaurant but I got a fries. So fillings! The ring leader shows up and we get the plan for the day. Prank & Reaction shoots! Those are my style usually, I as of right now don’t have a style yet. I’m working on it. I wanted the experience more than anything else. So after we all finished lunch, we took a quick walk over to the picked out location.

We planned out the filming location and got the cameras ready. That moment before you know something awesome is gonna happen is like the drug that should be legal but isn’t. Again, this blog isn’t a spoiler so I won’t go over what happens, check the video out for it. I’ll be posting links on it for sure. One thing I can say from the experiences of the day. I need to get in front of the camera more next time for sure. One thing for sure, I came up with topics and ideas for future videos that need to be done with one or two more people. Also, not to forget the blog itself. I have at least another two blogs out of the afternoon. Also, I learned that a bag would have been a good idea to bring. all the electronics did make walking around uncomfortable to say the least.

The day turned into mid afternoon and everybody was done with day one of production. We all said our goodbyes for now. I walked back to Rideau with one guy and then got the bus home.

The whole experience was something that I will have to do again.

Have a great week!


First two pictures are of the bus stop forest. The third one is of downtown Ottawa where our adventures took place. The fourth picture is of the clothing store where I had the funny conversation with the sales rep and the last picture is of the two other people who I filmed with.


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