Roommates are a necessary evil or a blessing to hold dear.Throughout the years, I’ve lived with my fair share of roommates. Some bad that they are not worth mentioning and some that will stay with me forever in my memories. The five types I’ve come across in some form or another are as follows: Thief, Ghost, Cleaner, Slob and Psychopath.


This is the worst of the roommate types to be stuck with. They snatch your stuff, lie to your face and still claim to be a good roommate. Thieves will lie, cheat and steal what they need to survive and not even give a second thought to the people they hurt. I lived with a person, who for over six months was stealing all of our electronics including Nintendo DS, Blackberries, GPS and Xbox 360 games. It got to the point that we had to kick him out with the cops. I never want nor will I ever have to live with such a horrible type of roommate.


Do you believe in Ghosts? I believe in them when it comes to roommates. They are rarely there, always home when you’re not. Things get done as if by magic then you realize that the roommate did it and can never meet up to thank them. I haven’t lived with many ghosts types except this one roommate a long time ago. I only lived with this person for the summer but I rarely saw them. It was a mix of our schedules & social lives that turned him into a ghost but there were times where stuff would be clean even though I went to bed and I had destroyed the living room. It was at first nice to feel like the place was all to myself but over time I got lonely. I ended moving away from this roommate in question due to the cops raiding our two bedroom apartment. Drug dealers don’t make great roommates

The Cleaner

That person who cleans everything in the house. The one roommate that I can’t stand. The idea that someone says that wanting to help clean the house we share should be a plus and something that you should just accept. Yes we know everyone has a different level of clean but the cleaner always believe that unless it’s up to their level it will never be clean. I lived with a person for a short period of time where the roommate would clean again after I went and cleaned the kitchen for example. As time went on, I just let them clean because if me cleaning wasn’t up to your standards then why should I? Appreciate the help or don’t complain when people don’t want to help you clean anymore.

The Psychopath

Until a couple of years ago, I would have said I don’t believe in people(roommates) of this type. I lived with this person for a good period of time and it did start out good but as time went on. The cocktail of becoming a couple, lack of trust and her showing her true nature lead to me not being able to swallow it anymore. The change wasn’t instant but over time, I saw it more and more. I knew that this wasn’t going to end well. And now I’m a believer in the Psychopath roommate.

The Slob

The guy who trashes the place then goes out for the whole weekend. Yes ladies and gentleman, the department I tend to land in the majority of the time. While in cottage, I lived with a ex-gf and her mother. I was the one who seemed to be cleaning up the place the most. I mean I’m far from a cleaner type but the three of us were slobs. Our room was a wreck, the majority of the time and same was the for the house. I learned one thing from that experience, never let it get that bad again.

So there they are, five different types of roommates. What kind of roommate are  you? Leave a comment and tell me what kind of roommate have you been or are?

Have a great day



2 comments on “Roommates

  1. Great post Chris! I think me and you must have shared some room mates in our time, I’ve lived with the slob, psychopath and theif but that was just one person! (Also a drug dealer but hey ho, I have plenty of stories to tell haha.)

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