Thursday 5

It’s summer today. The sun was bright, everyone is in their summer’s best. And this week, will be no different. I have seen all the short shorts and all the other summer wear. This week, the list of 5 that I will talking about is the five things I want to do this summer.

A couple of summer’s I went to Buffalo and it was like a regen of the traveler inside of me. I got the itch back inside of me. I want to see old friends from places like Toronto, Waterloo, Nigara falls. Also, I wouldn’t mind doing a cottage for a nice relaxing weekend.


This summer here in ottawa, ON we have a week long rock concert. Their website is http://www.ottawabluesfest.ca. I next to never go to this week long event but this year, we got to mention some notable shows:

Snoop Dog
Big Wreck
Lauryn Hill

These are just some of the acts I want to see. The tickets are expensive as all hell but apart of me wants to rock out this summer while listening to some great music.


Over the summer, I hope to work on content for the blog of course. I mean do this for myself but I want to get somethings over the summer. Here’s a quick list of some stuff I want to get done on the blog:

1. Update the website to it’s own web domain
2. Build on the design more.
3. Build up a more connected readership/blog friends

On the vlog side of things, just to put some out there. As well get in some more high end productions with other peoples.

House & Home

I want to spend some more time at home. I’m not the usual stay inside and enjoy your home. I want to try and smell the roses rather going out all the time. May take up to doing some DIY around the house. Not sure what for and with renting a house so we will see.

Telia Sunrise

A shout out to anyone from my high school who took part of this but I wasn’t one of those people. The whole idea is to party and drink all night then go into work the next day. Well back then, it was go back to school. It will take a lot of booze to do but this man will be up for the challenge.

This can be a summer to remember or a horrid expereince in bad memories. So what do you think of my goals for the summer?

Leave a comment, subscribe to the blog and have a great week till next thursday



3 comments on “Thursday 5

  1. This sounds like a good list of things to do this summer!! Some of them are the same as my list…especially catch up on blogging & work on some DIY projects. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. Congrats. Sounds like you did very well, and had a good time!!

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