Friday Magic

3rd place overall out of 16 people is a first for me. I don’t do well at these events even though they are cascual, it ended up hosting a varity of people. We had pro players down to kids learning to the first time players.

The deck I spoke of last week that I was planning to us, it was a blue/white tapped out deck. The deck list was posted last week. I have most of the parts to it, but I’m missing a good portion of it none the less. So in the end, I destructed that deck and decided to go play mono white aggro. The deck list is at the bottom of this blog.It worked out better than I thought it would be.

So I got to the wizard’s tower at 10:45am, and it didn’t start till 11am. I had some time to kill and after the breakfast I had of A&W saugage and egg, I decided to sit in the shaid and enjoyed the sweet summer breeze before I was locking myself into a game day event. I walked back up to the doors and met one of the players. We talked about what decks we were gonna play and our magic backgrounds in regards to playing magic.  I got the vibe that he was a nice guy just out to have a good time.

I paid the $5 entry fee and signed up. I sat down and had a couple of test runs with the deck against people as they came in. It was winning a good percentage of the time but I was losing to others. It took about an hour before everyone came in, got settled and signed up. The moments before the first round was called is always the worst. Two seconds went by then I heard that I was paired with one of the younger kids.

I won the first game 2-0. I wasn’t trying to be super serious. GP level of play and all that. I just relaxed and tried to have a good time. The kid almost got me with a Day of Judgement when I was posed to kill him. I smiled and kept on playing. Another highlight was in game 2 of this set,  I won by creating 5 1/1 humans then after his turn, drawing into a second honor of the pure. I played the one I had and the second one I drew.

Game two, was the only game I lost. I lost it 0-2. I was playing against blue/white spirits. My deck just didn’t get the speed right.  He blew me out with two drug skull captains and two lingering souls. The highlight was was making over 15 tokens in two turns and still not getting it in.

The last game I won 2-0. The best set of games I played all day. I was again playing blue/red delver. It was a hard. Some highlights from the games include going down to 1 and losing due to an Arc Trail. Game two, I just over ran him in four turns.  The last game was my favorite. Here’s a breakdown of how it went:

Turn 1 – Doomed traveler

Turn 2 – honor of the pure

Turn 3 – Nothing then EOT Midnight haunting

Turn 4 – Hero of bladeholder

Turn 5 – Swing for 13 and game

So coming in third place got me two prize packs. I also got the game day promo and the top 8 promo

Latchseeker + Killing wave.

So overall, this was the best game day I have played at. I included a quick decklist of the deck that I rode to 3rd place.

Having a great weekend



4 comments on “Friday Magic

  1. my previous comment was supposed ot be for this lol.

  2. Chris,
    I didn’t receive your email, but I am open to ideas for guest posts as long as they are in keeping with the themes of my blog. Just email me again at linda.anne321@gmail! Thanks 🙂 [and fyi you should turn off the no-reply-comment-blogger on your comments so me & other bloggers can respond!!]

    • I emailed ya and you got back to me pretty quick. I am working on what to cook out of my bag of unique cooking style.

      I’m gonna try and turn that off. Not 100% sure how though.

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