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Monthly Flashback


This was a post of 2009-11-27 from my blog.  This blog was written during a time of transition. I was moving to the basement room in my previous 2 bedroom apartment.

I just recently got my hands on a copy of the new video game that came out. It’s called DJ Hero. It’s a guitar hero style game but you have a turntable. It seems very interesting but now due to the soundtrack I know I don’t want to spend the money to purchase the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the soundtrack and all. There’s a mix of Jay-Z  & Jackson 5 that’s awesome.s s


Yesterday was actually a good day. I mean I did sleep in and was late for work but at work my supervisor’s boss caught me on the elevator. Here’s the conversation overall:


Me: Thanks for holding the elevator.

Boss: Your welcome. Thanks for calling in

Me: Your welcome. I had the thought of calling sick but I was already out the door and was like I’m a team player.

Boss: I’m glad you called in saying you were going to be late. We appreciated it.


So yeah that was a highlight of my work day. Yes I was late, but I haven’t heard a boss say give me a compliment. Hell, I might the CEO and VP of the company by dumb luck. I came back from my lunch and there they stood the three of them. It went as smooth as it could have been. I said hi and shook the VP’s hand.


The rest of the day, after dinner. I vegged out at home. I feel better than I did pass out again then woke up to pass back out. God, whatever is making me sleep so much I want to stop. This new job hours are early like I am about to get ready for work but I shouldn’t be falling asleep for six hours at a time. It’s frustrating when on my days off, I end up passing out and being over exhausted. Piss off point of the day is when my phone broke. I spent a whole bus ride without it working due to the stupid trackball. I either need another phone which I can’t afford right now, well I kind of but not one I would want or more trackball parts.


Weekend is coming. I have a new room mate coming in and one leaving. Winds of change always blow so you know it can be good and bad. I haven’t had much of a problem with either person so it’s going to be interesting. I just have to move down to the basement starting next week. No windows but more privacy and less rent. I won’t complain either way. So it’s Friday and a busy weekend ahead begins.

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