Thursday Five

Reading the various blogs I do, I tend to read entries or stories about jobs these people have. I have seen such a range of jobs that I figure I would take this weeks Thursday 5 to take a look back and visit five jobs that I’ve had.

1. Famous Players Cinema

This was my first job in which I didn’t last long but I did get my first girlfriend. She was a fellow employee. She asked me out after a movie one night. I never went out with a girl before that night and I sure did the whole giggle thing and just said yes and walked away. Yes, I didn’t get her number. Smooth for sure! So time went on, we became boyfriend/girlfriend officially. I was head or heels. Butterflies and all that fun stuff. I got a crash course in relationships in which I failed. In the end, she left me for some other guy in my neighborhood. Not before, stomping out my heart by cheating and being caught on video cheating on me with 8 other guys. Oh and I got fired two days later because I wasn’t performing up to their standards.

2. Tim Hortons

I worked at a total of 3 different locations within the city. The first one was not even for two weeks. It was located on the corner of Carling Avenue & Broadview. I worked there for 4 months. I got robbed twice then quit. The second one was at the famous corner of merivale & meadowlands. Worked there for almost six months but once I got a offer to be at a location closer to my house, I had to take it. This brings me to final location. Man, it was inside of carlingwood mall. I had a blast until they had to let me go due to not enough hours. My first and only Christmas party, I strolled in, dressed in a white shirt & black pants flanked by 6 women. Everyone called me the donught pimp.  I also dirty danced with my boss and the assistant boss. That lead to a new rule being created saying not to dance so x-rated.

3. Rogers Wireless

This was the job I had all throughout the college years. I was a corporate sales rep. I sold cell phones primarily but I also dabbled in everything from home phone/cable/internet and mobile internet. I was making amazing money for myself but I was losing friends because of my more than aggressive habits when it comes to sales. No one was safe when it came down to it. It was a great job that if I wanted to alienate friends I would do again. The highlight of this job was making my first 4 digit paycheck.

4. Convergys LTD

The longest job I’ve had to date. I work there in two stents for 2 years at least. It was the people that made this place not the job it’s self. A list of things that working here got me is shy of daunting. I can say I got so many friends that I still carry with me today. I got a drive to improve myself after making many mistakes. And showing how real friends can be and how fake some can be. The highlight of this job came from the late night trips on payday to Mcdicks. It was a bunch of us people who finished work at midnight every night.

5. PetroCanada


The job started out great. I was working full time hours which I was promised from the start. The first couple of weeks were awesome. I met some great people and my boss was so helpful. I wanted to help the company back. I started working at 3 different locations just keep my 40 hours but soon they started to drop down the hours and book me at all three stores less and less. My hours went wonky as in working 11-7am one day then 3-11pm the next day. My boss knew that with busing those hours aren’t possible. I became frustrated about the hours and lack of respect I got from my boss. At the end, I could barely pay rent due to lack of hours. When I left, the letter I wrote to them was just awesome. It was so many backhanded comments.


So those are some of the jobs I’ve had over the years. They were good and bad. The memories that came from these different jobs I will never forget. What about my current job? Well I can’t give specifics due to my agreement I signed. This job is by far the best job I’ve worked at. I’m two months away from working here a year.


What jobs have you had? Leave a comment telling me about some of your past jobs.


Have a great day




5 comments on “Thursday Five

  1. I love hearing what other people have done and the stories that ultimately come along with the good and bad jobs!

    I’ve done all sorts from working in a coffee shop (which I loved) and bars to working in shops to being in a call centre and freelancing in design and photography.

    Loving the Thursday 5, gonna have a peak round your previous ones 🙂

  2. Nice selection! I followed your link on iBlog4.me. Like the mention of being a donut pimp, very funny!

  3. Awsome website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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