Story Time

I tell the stories of my life for everyone to enjoy!

It was a bright summer’s day. Cameron, Simon & Amanda all met me in front of my place. I was alone before I left because my mom was at work and my brother was already gone out on his own adventures as the older brother he was. So I grabbed up my swim gear a plastic bag to put them in and went on my way. I was gonna invite my next door neighbour but at this time, we had both separated for a while. He claimed that I wanted to sleep with his sister but I didn’t want to. But anyway….

A walk through the ghetto later and we emerged outside of it and none of my friends were cut, stabbed or even rapped. We came to the park that I helped build with two other friends (Jason & Stephan). I will write a post about that park because it will forever hold a place in my heart. So we then crossed the football field and came to the Britannia beach. And this time, I didn’t tell Amanda or Cameron that we weren’t gonna be swimming here. Simon stopped right before we were gonna walk down to the public area where everyone swims. “Guys, I got this awesome place where we can go and swim in peace and quiet”

Now me being in the know, I just agreed and said we should check it out. Cameron wasn’t a bit miffed seeing as all he wanted to do is chill and read a book while we all swam. Amanda was holding her smoke in hand just nodded. So we walked down through the suburb right beside the beach. Turned at the yacht club and walked near this water filtration plant. A dash through some bushes and forest area brought up this amazing sight of a small island which was surrounded by clear water. I had seen it twice before and up till the last time I went there, it stopped my heart. The sheer climb down was a part I didn’t like but well worth it to be sitting in warm water. The water was deep enough for me to walk through but not have to swim. I mean it was so nice that we had a pocket where you could just sit/stand around in the water and feel it rush around you.

For this day, we spent the majority of the day in our little oasis until Simon challenged us to go out further into theOttawa river. Amanda and Cameron who had joined us at this point followed Simon out. Myself, I wasn’t the greatest swimmer around so I followed out as best as I could. The current at one point, after what felt like forever grabbed my foot and dragged me down towards the bottom. All I could see is black from being so far down. I started to freak out and struggle as much as I could to swim back up to the surface. I got my head above water to see that I was all alone. I screamed with all the energy in my young teen body. I scanned around; I didn’t see anyone and just screamed again. Another second went by and I heard Amanda yelling back at me. I couldn’t make out the words before I felt the river’s cold grip pull me back down. This viscous cycle went on and on till one time where I had no energy left in me, I reached my out hoping to god for something to happen and I felt someone pulling on my arm. I felt one last surge of energy come through me and pulled me up above water to see Amanda swimming and pulling me towards the shore.

I was in tears just thanking her for saving my life. I wouldn’t have been here to be writing this if she didn’t do what she did.

So let me know if someone out there had saved your life.

Have a great day,


5 comments on “Story Time

  1. WOW….What a story! Have you ever gone back there?

  2. Thank God she saved you or I would not have you in my life.

  3. Love you too. You want me to email a pic so ppl can see?

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