Google Street Car

On Wednesday, I was on my way to work and while waiting for the 176. I saw this guy taking a pic of this strange car. I look closer and to my surprise, it was the google street car. It’s an awesome little car that is hard to see. I grabbed a  pic using my blackberry of just the car & I used some Esso employee let me use his Iphone to take a pic of me standing next to the Google Street car. I figure I’d show the better of the two.

The one highlight of my Wednesday commute to work.

Tell me what you think of this Google Car and leave a comment,


7 comments on “Google Street Car

  1. That’s a cool little car. Great pic!

  2. always wondered what those looked like. thanks, now I know!

  3. I saw one too once. It drove slow and it blocked the road… I was late already.
    It must be an interesting job to drive that car and visit so many places you wouldn’t see otherwise.

  4. […] blogging. I blog about my life and my thoughts & opinions on vary topics. I even saw the  Google car  and that still to this day was […]

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