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Saturday Night Filming

Saturday night was a fun filled night filming with a couple of Youtubers in the Ottawa area. As well as we did get to introduce a new person to the world of Youtube filming and possibly filming in general.

To start off the whole evening, I was leaving the house and those dirty clouds were all gray and forming up as if to rain out the whole event. I was worried that it would and totally kill what turned out to be a great evening of filming. I live in Kanata and the filming was in downtown Ottawa. So I grabbed a bus downtown of course. I enjoyed the bus ride down because this time, the bus wasn’t cramped. I did have to change seats because of course the person I was sitting next to got off the bus before I did. I curled up the against the glass while listening to some music on my Ipod. I just leaned against the window and watched the traffic and world go by. As we about half way downtown, I just kept the music going and couldn’t fight that feeling and dozed off. It would sound scary but after taking the bus so much, I just can fall asleep and not worry for a second. I still always worry that people would take my stuff when I’m asleep but that’s the risk you take. I woke up right before my stop. I got off the bus and of course, it being summer there’s tons of construction everywhere.

So after passing by the new building being constructed, I went to cross the street and saw a group of skateboarders doing a photo shoot. I should have tried to turn it  into a video interview or a couple of quick quotes for another post.

So we finally got the location where we had decided to meet up and our first filming location.

And as always, being a tourist spot, it was full of people. I got there before everyone else so I walked around and watched some kid skateboard and practice a trick that he wasn’t landing at all.  A couple of minutes go by and Phexid arrived. We go over the general idea and what needs to be filmed for the day. Steve came soon after on his bike. We stood around, plotting and discussing various topics from Youtube Partnerships to BlogTV shows & local issues within Ottawa. I want to work more with these two guys more because the team synergy is there. Then the last person we were waiting for came up to the filming location. She’s a new Youtuber that knew Phexid as far back as high school. So after the introductions were made, we started to plan out the shots for the first scene.

We got some great footage. I mean people walked by Phexid ignoring the fact that the camera was there and just going about their lives.

It is always something to see how stuff gets created to appreciate more so the final product. After a bit of time, we finished the first area and started to look for different locations. I suggested where the skateboarders from earlier were filming but after a brief discussion and staging of sorts, we all agreed that it wouldn’t work out. Rimstarog suggested anther place and we started the long walk to the next filming location. We passed through the market and made our way to a parking structure.

I had to grab a picture of the view for you all to see. We were high up to say the least. The ledge that the camera on was so high that unless you were 6’0 and up you were seeing above it without jumping over it. After the set up and instructions, we filmed the 2nd shot. While the filming was happening, more blog discussion and video discussion of course. Constructive criticism on my youtube videos and blog posts. I always like conversations with people like that. After we finished the 2nd shot, we needed to do one last shot before the night was over.  We walked by some strange downtown sights and sounds.

We got to the final location and filmed the last shot for the evening. I was in a scene but I won’t spoil it now but you will see me being myself in the video once it’s done. A quick side story that came from this whole night was after we filmed one scene, these two people come up on one person and checked to see if Phexid was alright. It’s amazing to see, a person stopping and caring. The commute home was great. All and all, the day was a learning experience and a community building experience.

So filmed some, learned some and hopefully helped one person get their bug bit so that they can join in the Youtube universe.

Below are the links to all the people I worked with:

Youtube Page

Phexid –   http://www.youtube.com/user/phexid

Steve    –   http://www.youtube.com/rimstarorg


Steve – @RimSteve

Phexid – @Phexid

Jazmine – @DrJEMProduction

You can check out their work and tell them that I sent ya!

Have a great day


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