Thursday 5

Staying in the theme of jobs, last week I talked about the jobs I’ve had and the stories that came from it. Now this week, I want to talk about those dream jobs. We all have them. That one job where everything would be right and you would live the idea that you’d enjoy your job. Below are five dream jobs I would just work at because I’d be happy to be there.

Computer/Web Programmer

My mom said it best, one of the few parent/teacher conferences that she went to. He just gravitates to those computers. And during high school, I sure did. I was always on the one at home or at school. It wasn’t just because I was always playing a game or surfing through chat sites. I was learning about how they work and how to fix them. I went an entire summer working within DOS.  This was one of the careers that I wanted to pursue but in the end, I choose the next career on the list.

Legal Aid

The world as a legal aid was a perfect mix of my need to rise above a challenge mixed with my desire to help people. It did my rushed two years at Algonquin College. I had a blast arguing cases in my final year as well dealing with the stereo types of being the only guy in my final year. After college though, poor personal choices left me not working in the field I went to school for.


The life would be me tuck to my computer, six to eight hours a day writing product reviews, promotions and articles. Lord knows, what else I would have to do to earn enough money so that I could not have the regular day job. For it only being over a month with me blogging on this site, I wonder if it even possible. The dream is there though.


The dream behind this is to be the only accountant for a small company. Handling all the money within the company and keeping everything straight is a hidden joy that I still find weird that I can enjoy. Managing everything involving money to me is just such a rush.


My original dream. The one that started me down all the roads I’ve taken with my writing. From when I was a young kid writing detective stories till today, the dream that one story of mine will catch and help me get to that point where I won’t have an office job and just be about my writing.


These jobs, some be more reasonable to the extremely out there are all dreams to keep reaching for. I won’t be stopped by any day job I may have to pay the bills. I will just use the hours I’m here to get better and strive to reach one day one of these dream jobs.



4 comments on “Thursday 5

  1. hey there, just found you on 20sb and had to come check out your blog because you’re from Ottawa! (I’m not, but I did do to Queen’s in Kingston.)

    I like this post- my original dream is to be an author as well.

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog. 🙂 Following now. I say, follow your bliss. Once you narrow it down, don’t accept discouragement. Nothing is impossible, it’s all about how you go about it. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of good options, so go after it! 🙂

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