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Friday Magic

This week, I want to help people who don’t know the ins and outs understand what the game I talk about every Friday.

Magic the Gathering is defined as collectible card game created in 1993. Two players play against each other to see which has the better deck. The early years, the card ideas came from D&D but in the new age, there game has taken a world of its own. There are organized tournaments everywhere from your local gaming store all the way to the world cup. People even make a career out of playing this card game.

The following are what you need to play:

1) 60 card decks

2) Two or more people

3) Scraps of paper & pen

The whole idea is to of course beat your opponent by using spells & creatures to defeat your opponent.

A couple of quick terms that may help you as I keep talking about Magic.
EDH – 100 singleton card variation of the game.
Mana – the energy needed to cast spells/creatures.
Tap – literally turning the card sideways
Rage Quit – when the opponent gets so mad that they just quit the game.

A figure this small brief guide can at least help people who don’t play this game get a understanding of it.

Have a great weekend



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