If you had more time/money, What would you do?

I found this question on just some random website but it got me thinking, What would I do?

The following are things I’d do if I had more money/time:

  • Start up a Company
  • Travel to those special places like I’ve always wanted to
  • Set u p my parents so that they’re set as well as give money to some people(family & friends) who have supported me
  • Set up my own life
  • Pay off all the debts
  • Write the book

The last thing I’d do is donate a whole butt load of money to the breast cancer society. If not for them, I wouldn’t have my mom in my life. I was a total wreck during the time just at the thought of losing my mom. I wouldn’t begin to imagine my world without my mom.


Have a great weekend,




4 comments on “If you had more time/money, What would you do?

  1. I.woukd.pay off debt
    Travel the world
    Donate to heart and stroke foundation and canadian diabetis association
    Build a log home on the lake and buy a boat.
    And as well give some to supporting friends.

  2. What a great list and what a great thing to think about! I always think about having more money and what I’d do!

    I’d make sure my mum was set and never needed anything, I’d also do the same for my brother and newphew.
    I’d travel the world making sure I finally got to do the volunteering in Kenya that I’ve wanted to do for years.
    I’d expand my business.
    I’d donate to Cancer Research and if it happened soon, I’d make sure my Grandad had anything he wanted and take him on the Orient Express (he loves trains!)
    I’d finally be able to pay to get married and buy a house.

    If I had even more money I have this idea of buying loads of flats or houses and renting them to people who can’t afford to pay to live somewhere decent so end up either homeless or in terrible areas, I’d make sure their rent was nominal and that they were in decent places, kinda like a not-for-profit housing agency I guess. Ah dreams…

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