Tech Talk

Laptops and I used to get along. We were the best of friends. My first laptop went 3yrs before I was unable to repair it any further. Then, as if without warning, I fell curse to the laptop curse of losing 2 laptops in two years. One was bought from second hand store while the other was bought second hand. Each died for different issues, overheat for the first one than the second one(my current one) will not power on via the wall cord. It will cost me double what I paid for it to fix. It is beyond frustrating when I had all these plans for stuff to get done and programs working on the go. Now all done!

The search for the laptop begins a new. I have been looking all over the internet and found some I would love to own but I have to be realistic about what money I can afford.

A quick list of things for my laptop needs to have:

1)      Built in webcam/mic

2)      Slim design

3)      Large hard drive

4)      Good battery life

Some of that is for the whole Youtube filming stuff but that isn’t hard to find as of late, seeing as every laptop I look at seems to have one built in. The rest of the requirements are just to make carrying it around easier & so the battery can last more than one hour on the battery.

The price range so far is $300 – 500. I am trying to avoid buying second hand unless the deal is some kind of awesome.

If you know a good place to get laptops, please leave a comment and let me know.

Have a great day,


2 comments on “Tech Talk

  1. I’m on the exact same laptop search…

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