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Friday Magic

Friday Magic

 After sometime off, I’m back to bring you my weeks in Magic. The past two weeks have not been so active. I did order some cards for my latest deck. I ordered 40 + cards from Facetoface.com. These were all bought for my newest EDH/Commander Deck. My general is Bruna, Light of Alabaster. (Seen below)

So the deck is built basically minus the fine tuning to be done in time, it will be ready to go. Also, this past Saturday, I went and had my usual Saturday games with the local gaming group. Some of the highlights were in the first game of the day, I got killed off in one turn due to the fact I was in control. Another was winning a game in five turns by swinging for 15 on turn 5. It was mean seeing as the guy wasn’t playing a FNM ready deck like mine. Oh and “FNM” means Friday Night Magic. Friday Night Magic is every Friday night; people go to local stores and play their tournament ready decks against each other. It is casual but people don’t play around. I don’t get to many of them due to my work schedule but I have a deck that hang with the big boys.

A couple of things Magic wise coming up is the following:

  1. Build a Modern deck so I can have fun at the Toronto GP in December.
  2. Complete the standard deck
  3. Purchase a box of M13.

Have a great weekend


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