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Me and the Paranormal

Ghosts, Spirits and Demons?.  No, I wasn’t playing one of the many video games of today.  I stumbled through Blog TV yesterday while there was nothing really on TV. What is Blog TV? Blog TV is a website where people stream video and chat with other users. You get everything from hang outs with people to video game play.

I got logged back in pretty easy after I remembered what my log in ID was. So I searched for people local to Canada. 3 people on, two of the three were just replaying videos they had stored on their account and the third and final person was this girl who was using the site while at work.  Co-workers and all just in plain view.  I left the room pretty quick. I then rolled the dice on the “newbie” category. I stumbled through the sea of new people just trying to have a good fun afternoon but I got drawn into a room where there wasn’t many people & there was some active conversation. They explained what the whole point of the room was and line of the conversation, “Teach me about the paranormal seeing as I know next to nothing”

A couple of minutes went by, we started to watch this short film called Spirits, Demons children and Ghosts. I sat on the couch shocked watching these filmed events going on. One of the videos was this graveyard where it’s only snow and the tomb stones then from out of nowhere, a flash of legs are shown running through the snow. It even shows the foot prints in the snow. Also there was a time where the camera was pointed at this dresser with no open drawers. A second later, the drawer pulled over which was followed by a sock lifting out of the drawer and out of the shot. That was no where as bad as when the demon child was caught on camera. The thing had one eye. The scene was this chinese or japanese child was looking at herself in the mirror then out of no where she turns away and in the mirror she was looking at, this face turned to face the camera. It had one eye. I jumped up off the couch. I decided that seeing as I had an hour to get ready and leave for work, I called it a day.

Overall, my first experience trying to understand the paranormal was

Do you believe in Ghosts, Spirits and or Demon children?

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