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Lesbians and Sunglasses

Last night sure was a commute home for the record books. I mean three different things happened that separately are nothing but all happening in the same place is just amazing.

So the commute home started after I left work and I got a ride with a co-worker from work to a Billings Bridge. It’s a mall which is connected to the local transit way. Another co-worker and I got the first bus and nothing much happened except good conversations and the sight of some kid passed out against the back window, mouth wide opened and drool coming rolling from his mouth all the way to his shirt. I laughed a bit inside but at the same time I could relate because I don’t know how many times I’ve passed out and that’s what I probably looked like.

We get off the bus and wait a couple of minutes before getting onto the next bus which would take me the rest of the way home. My co-worker and I sat in the exact same place as we were sitting on the first bus we took. The bus filled up with people and these two women sat right on the other side of me. I glanced over once then I didn’t give it a second thought and just kept on talking with my friend.  As the bus ride starts, I’m just talking away with my friend from work and on my phone when out of the corner of my ear I hear whispers and kissing noises. I ignore it at first but as continued to talk with my friend from work, I could see in his eyes that just to the other side of me, these two ladies were going full force at it.  My friend was just a bit wide eyed but not in a shocked way. I’d swear they were getting off in the fact that people were either shocked or being turned on by the show they were giving. One of the whispers I overheard was “Where do you like to be kissed?” I was a bit taken back by this public display of affection but I’m not used to seeing any form of homosexual display of affection. I saw two guys kiss years ago but nothing really since. This show continued on for a good twenty minutes until the second act came onto the stage of this bus.

The second act was in the form of people getting on the bus from Bluesfest. Bluesfest is a yearly outdoor festival of all kinds of music. So a bunch of people got on the bus and this older couple got on wearing the cologne of beer and wine. They were loud and very friendly. They would talk to the random people around them including me because I was right next to them. The guy reminded me of Mike so I just played along with it. Later, when they were got up to go get off the bus, I looked over and saw the women’s sunglasses lying on the seat.  They went to door to get off and I waited for a couple of seconds to see if maybe she’ll look back and notice she forgot them but she didn’t. I thought one of the people right around the two older people would do the right thing and just give them back to the couple. I snatched up the sunglasses and just walked over and yelled at the guy to get his attention. I gave him back the sunglasses and he said thank you. The woman was ecstatic because she told me that they already lost a pair of sunglasses just last night. The guy yelled out, “That’s a nice guy”. I just brushed it off and sat back down. I know that no one was going to get up and do the right thing. Something I hate with the city. No one just does what’s right without the reason.

Well the night ended with the usual walk from the bus stop home and dinner. The commute home was above normal because of two lesbians and a pair of sunglasses.

Have a great weekend,


One comment on “Lesbians and Sunglasses

  1. LOL…Sounds like an interesting commute home for sure.

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