The Journey of Four Wheels

Is that my first car that you are looking at? Well to a lot of people has already heard me say that I will buy a version of this Dodge Neon for my first car. The only problem that is stopping me is beside money is the whole thing of learning how to drive. The local transit system here in Ottawa has become so horrible that it has made me late for work when I leave on time. I will not be a victim of not being able to drive. So it was a easy decision to make, I’m going to go out, get the required books and before Sept 1st, I will go spend the money to take the test and get my G1 license. It won’t be easy because this 200 plus manual is dry but I will not be a victim anymore.  By Sept 1st, I will be a licensed driver.

Have a great weekend,


5 comments on “The Journey of Four Wheels

  1. I couldn’t imaging not having my license so get on that! And oooh a Neon… the first car I drove was something like a 92 Chrysler Neon…. it was red…. I drove it into the ground… then sold it for 500 bucks to people who were thrilled it had a trailer hitch. Good times!

  2. I only started driving for the first time in the Spring, And now that i drive, i dunno how on earth i went so long without driving myself. Now i dunno what i would do with myself if i couldnt drive. Good luck Chris!! You will enjoy the freedom of driving~!!!

  3. Thank you Ashlee, I hope I will start to enjoy it soon!

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