Break Up Story

Breaking up is never easy to do. I have next to never been the one doing the breaking up. I’m the guy who gets dumped. I was listening to some music from the 90s and this one song got me thinking about my first serious relationship through high school.
The relationship started good and all. We were together all the time, and looking back on it now, I should have done the smart thing and spent some time apart from here so I could see how bad the relationship was getting. I spent thousands of hours with her, running away from home and even taking another whole year in high school just so she’d be happy with me. I remember when it ended all the drama started. Everything from school rumors about me to what had to be the highlight of the whole break up process.
The highlight was months later, I was just waiting at Bayshore Shopping Center when I saw across the parking lot my now ex-girlfriend and what I believe to be her new boyfriend. It stung a little bit but I smiled, waived then stood at the bus stop with my headphones blazing music from my CD player. They walked closer and I didn’t think nothing of it until the guy peeled off his sweater and ran up on me with closed fists; I without even thinking just side stepped him and let him run into the wall. I was still in shocked when I felt a weight on my back and a pair of arms around my neck. The voice screaming only lead me to toss the my ex-girlfriend off of my back and onto the ground. I stepped back a couple of inches and just saw the anger the guy had towards me. It doesn’t make any sense how this man who is with my ex-girlfriend would hate me so much for her breaking up with me. I didn’t continue the fight, I just got on the bus and let it carry me away.

Breaking up is a hard part of life that we all have to go through yet some people take it to a place that I’m glad I never went to. I never stayed friends with her or even to this day talk to her. I’m happier for it.
Have a great week!



4 comments on “Break Up Story

  1. I never ever dumped anyone either, they always dumped me. Well i suppose i did do it once, it was a second chance thing, he dumped me then i took him back and i dumped him cause it wasnt working and it was the same BS from before.

  2. That sounds crazy. What reason would he have to do something like that?! Good thing you did to just leave.

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