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The Journey Continues

If you haven’t already read the first installment in my journey, please go back and read the first part at the following link

The Journey of Four Wheels

So here’s a quick update in regards to the journey of me getting my licence.
Basically, I have been reading bits and peices of the driver’s handbook. It isn’t the easy thing to read because I’m the kind of learning who learns by reading and applying what I absorb. As I don’t drive everyday or am driven every day I can’t apply the rules of the road.

The next road bump came from my work not allowing me to have this coming Friday off. Schedualing issues in the office won’t allow me to take the day off so I can go and do the written test. So that will have to get pushed back so that I can review everything and get a date where I can go and do the test. I haven’t been so nervious and my life. Everything I read I second guess it. I want this so bad. I can’t let anything stop me from doing that.
I have all the right people’s support so it is only a matter of time before I take the test and get my G1 liences.
Have a great week


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