Bullying – You’re doing it wrong always!

Bullying in modern day classes is real as this story gets. For those you didn’t get to read the whole story, it happened to a 13yr old boy who gets picked on by the whole class AND the teacher. It happened in Feb. and all the teacher got for this incident was a 13yr day suspension without pay.

I grew up in the rough and tough neighbourhood where you got beat up one on one. You got beat up, you got beat up but it was one on one. The fight was fair in that respect. I believe that this was the way to go. Bullying on the other hand is just a mob mentality against one person. You don’t like someone; you go to their face and tell them. Don’t hide yourself and your hate for someone behind whispers and snide comments. I grew up not being bullied and I didn’t bully people. I live and let live. It wasn’t hard to do. The teacher on the other hand is a ring leader. Not stopping the kids, even if he thought they were playing around. Horsing around is one thing but you seen in the video in the article. They were straight up mob justice style on this poor kid. I felt bad but there was a hope spot where the kid fought back before the older teacher double underhooked the kid down to the ground. Sickening!

All and all, the teacher should have been fired and every kid should be punished in some way or forum and if you think I’m alone in this, I’m not.

Check out what Katie had to say

So yes, bullying is wrong but parents and not even teachers should be allowing or even helping it happen.


Based on the story from the following link:


4 comments on “Bullying – You’re doing it wrong always!

  1. OMG. I watched 2 seconds and it made me cry. I was a bully victim once, it was more subtle, verbal for the most part, but not only. I can’t believe they let this teacher keep on teaching. Seriously, what is wrong with people??!! I hope he will get kicked down on the street or something. Seriously.

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