9/11 Story to Never Forget

Forgetting today would do nothing but show a lack of disrespect to anyone who was effected by this horrible day. What day is today? Today is the day that we lost the twin towers & many people in the buildings and the planes that crashed into them. Being in Canada, It was a huge story and I of course have to remember that fabile day.

It was in grade 10 health class. I was just sitting, listening to the leture about the reproductive system. I wasn’t feeling good at all. All of the sudden, one teacher walks in and talks to the other teacher. We all thought it was just something going to happen to the teacher. A t.v rolled in and we started to watch the news.  I saw the images and videos and felt so bad for the people of New York. In a split second, my mind went over to my dad who was in New York City at the time driving transport. I freaked out! I stepped out of class and broke down into tears. I remember looking for my brother but couldn’t find him.  There were announcements over the speakers at one point saying if you had family, you could leave to go find out about them. I remember just saying to a few friends that I was gone then I opened my front door to see my brother was already making calls to find out about our dad. Each second felt like a millon years but then our dad called us back saying he’s ok. He is now on the outskirts of New York City and he was fine.

Today is a day I won’t forget!


2 comments on “9/11 Story to Never Forget

  1. What a scare that must have been for you. I had a similar event when I lived in Ireland and was at work when I saw the news about a big earthquake in China and realized my inlaws were there in holidays. They were in another part though.
    I also remember 9/11 very clearly. I was doing my nursing training and was at home studying when a friend in my class called me and told me to turn on the tv. First I thought it was some kind of movie. When I realized what was happening I was scared they would come to Europe too. I didn’t feel safe anymore.

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