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Nanowrimo Novel & Introduction

30 Days to create a full 175 page novel?  A challenge that people all over the world this November 1st through the 31st will take part in. I have tried in the past but fall dead to the first burn out within the first 5 days.  I account those all to lack of planning and life taking over. Lack of focus did play apart in this, not this year though! I have a notebook full of plans for this novel and I’m going to be slow and steady about this novel.  Below is the cover of my novel & a synopsis of said novel.


Years after the great war, Joe Williams has settled in a normal life and with family. The mistakes from the past war repeats it’s self and Cyberus Inc begins to take over the world. Joe turns a blind eye to the events until he needs to do the right thing to protect his family. So Joe must gear up and become once again what he hates and try stop Cyberus Inc from destroying the world as he knows it.




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