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Writing to the next step


I finished a novel and I soon will be on the next stage before getting the book out into readers hands but what’s my next step. I always want to work towards the goal of being a author. I have learned over time that if you want people to take you serious and what you think, the appearance is half the battle. What’s my next step?

My next step would be a website. I am trying to build myself up based on what I see from others and a triangle approach. The three key things I keep in mind are the following: content, professionalism and design. I think that if all three are working well, a potential book buyer or anyone for that matter should want to buy your book. I want to put my best foot forward and I can’t stand for anything short of great. I could list off a thousand and one examples of websites that do it right but I figure I will just list off three website and let you judge for yourself:

1. AlphaHarlot.com

The design is well done and focused around what or in this case who are there to see. I also can see the professionalism in the way the artist puts everything out and improves themselves with any positive or negative feedback that is given. As well, the content is the best that I can see.

(This is a website that contains adult content, please be aware of this before visiting)

2. SadieHarlot.com

Unlike the first suggestion I gave above which has been up and running for years now; this example is of a person who just created their mark or personal space on the internet.  The design is basic and simple, showcase the content. Time will make this page better. A very prefessional communication is there according to the twitter account and the interactions that I’ve seen.

(This is a website that contains adult content, please be aware of this before visiting)

3. RBR Wrestling.com/Smartwrestlingfan.com

These are both website for podcasts. They both are designed for a single purpose, give you information about hosts, shows and how to contact the show. The professionalism/design go hand and hand which lead you to the content.


So yeah, the next step for me is to get a website that is built to showcase my writing and allow readers to find it easy and purchase/download my stories.


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