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Writing with Birthday Cakes


Without updates, people think you’ve dropped off the earth and died. Rest assured I haven’t. I don’t even own glasses but as of late my world seems to be filled with laptops, notebooks and pads of paper.  A bunch of things have been happening so I want to keep all my followers(new and old) on the know.

I’m not 28yrs old anymore. February 4th is my birthday and it sure was an experience within it’s self. It was the complete opposite from what I normally have. I normally have friends, clubs and so many bad stories but not this year. This year, I did something I’ve never done before, just kept the whole event low key. Well not the whole weekend but the  majority of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was bad but it showed me that I am growing up. Spending time with the people who mean the most to me is each day becoming more important than just hitting the bar or drinking till I drop. So hey, my 29th year has already started off in the right direction

The website is almost ready to launch, just putting the final touches and getting the final and crustal approvals before launch of the site.  Speaking of my writing, over the month of January, I finished up two short stories. Both are just getting set out to a couple of people to read then I can get some cover art and put them out to the E-book masses.

My first novel that I finished in November “The Last Commando” is not on the back burner, I am getting ready to start first edits.  I do plan on getting 5 copies of the book printed. The idea of seeing this book in print puts me in shock. I don’t how I’ll even handle it. None the less it is happening. And you’ll be able to keep in journey with the whole process on the new website which will be geared all towards my writing life.

Better eating and exercise  will help me focus on things in my life right? I sure don’t know but I figure I’ll build up a plan with some actual goals and see if it helps.

I do have to get back to work(day jobs right) so I hope you all a good day night or whenever you read this.

And thank you for all the new followers I have and welcome to the place where the story matters.

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