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The National Blizzard of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario is not longer just the captial of Canada but now it has a second name, Blizzard captial of Canada.  The winter hasn’t been so bad as of late but mother nature decided to remind myself and the rest of the city that winter wasn’t over yet. One day we recieved, according to CFRA.com 14.2cm of snowfall or if you are in the states 5.5 inces of snow.

I wish I had grab pictures of the white out conditions that was all over the city IMG-20130228-00013but let us say that I now know how people within snow globes feels. All I saw around was white and headlights of the traffic. I did manage to grab some pictures of what the snow did to my neighborhood. I mean look at the bus stop in which I get the bus every day from.

IMG-20130228-00014It maybe hard to tell what the above picture is a bench where you can sit for the bus. The snow dropped so much that it hadn’t just covered it, it but all turned it into a sidewalk.

The snow was falling down so much that it had taken down trees all around the city. I caught this pic of the a pine tree that was holding on.


Needless to say that all the snow that dropped yesterday was just a drop in the bucket because as of right now the snow is still falling.

As you can see in the last two pictures, my neighborhood hasn’t even been touched by a plow or anything yet as well the snow in my backyard is something I’d want to share with you all.

IMG-20130228-00019 IMG-20130228-00018

So our blizzard city isn’t done yet but I will endure and survive. Hope you all have a great rest of your week.

One comment on “The National Blizzard of Canada

  1. Look at all the snow I wish that I had some of that snow

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