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The Monologues

Be warned this may contain bad language and or sexual language. I as well changed names of people involved in this story.

At the young age of 16, I had my first girlfriend. Her name was Ann I still remember her blond hair and light blue eyes. The way she paid attention to me was the first any girl had paid attention to me that wasn’t a friend.  So we dated for a while until one day my friend Steven told me that he had seen my girl Ann around Ritchie while I was at work hanging out with a bunch of the thugs and partying with them. I of course being stupid about things just shrugged it off. A couple of nights went by and I felt the jealous itch all over my skin and knew I had to start digging for answers. So three am, I sneak out of my parent’s house and go over to where all the people hung out at night. I asked boldly if any guys were fooling around with my girl. People put down their joints and cigarettes and just answered, “No man. We don’t fuck other guys girls” One chirped in with

“Unless they are down with it and I know you aren’t but what does she look like?” Another answered. They described Ann perfectly.  My hands trembled and all I remembered is me slugging one guy then screaming how they were all assholes and weren’t friends to me. The next thing I remember was me crying in my basement. I was one angry kid for a lot of reasons.

The next day I went to school where course I saw here seeing as that was the place where we met and I asked her if she knew the guys or hung out with them. She denied it. I smiled and gave her a kiss.  After work, Steven walked home with me and we argued over the whole thing. He said,  “You want proof, I will show it to you right now” I determined to be right in my relationship followed Steven to this empty house in the neighborhood. I wasn’t just shocked over the fact that my eyes couldn’t believe themselves. My heart broke into a million pieces. She was surrounded by other guys and how she was tongue deep in some guy from the neighborhood. I just ran home with the tears coming my eyes. I spent the next couple of days while I wasn’t at school or at work in my basement. She called and broke up with me over the phone.
I did show how people can choose to be better than their environment, one day I saw that Ann being happy circled and I don’t approve or condone violence against women. I was asked if I wanted to join in, I said no let her go guys. The pain I felt can never be worth the physical pain that they could do to her. The guys just shrugged their shoulders and walked away.

Till the next monologue,

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