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100 Squats Later

If you haven’t guessed, this is a retrospective about this whole month of health challenge. No I wasn’t doing any insanty workout or some other fly by night diet plan, all I have been doing is Squats. If you don’t know already, what a squat is, as always google is your friend and hey youtube can show you people that isn’t me doing them.


It is June and I can say that I did 100 squats in one day. It wasn’t all in one sitting but the point is that I did them. Every day for the whole month of May I have been doing more and more squats. I did them at first during the day before work then I did them after work. I have come to find that breaking them up between half at work and half at home is the best way not to kill myself. I couldn’t even fathom a month, two or even three years ago being able to do this but the motivation was there and doing it for yourself is the best reason to do it. Also let me add that on the last day,

What will be next? I spent the first  couple of days recovering then I will start looking into building this workout machine I have at home and then building up to a routine so that I can keep the whole “get in shape” vibe going. I can safely say that my knees feel so much better and don’t ache as much as they have been before.


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