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Lost in Scripts


As of late, I have been keeping on the quiet side. Please don’t give up hope, I have been struggling to get the stuff back together on the writing side as well as my personal side of life.

I’m going to keep this as short as I can seeing as I want to get back into the habit so here goes.

I got a chance to get some work publish. Only problem is that they want it by the end of the week if not by the end of the month AND I don’t even have a rough draft done. God, this dry spell I’ve been in has hurt my writing side as well as my personal side. All I think about when I’m not at work is stuff like “why can’t I put this idea together” or “What if this story is too long”. I have never worried about this kind of stuff when it comes to my writing before but now it has engulfed me.

Home life, it is doing good. I know it will get better once I can get this story done and through my mind. You know that I wrote the opening scene going on the sixth time. I hate when I get so into a story that I lose touch with the world around me. I don’t ignore everyone but I let things slide that are important to me but I should work on that.

Highlight of the week was being mentioned on one of my favorite radio shows on Sunday July 28th. The show name is Sincitybounty.com. The show is about being a big girl and being happy about it. They are based out of Las Vegas and the fact that they gave me a shout out on twitter. I want to keep this good news rolling and turn it around.

Also, I want to let people I’ve already told and I will put it on the so I can be held accountable is that very soon I’ll be placing the logo I bought months ago onto the site with it’s own post about who and how it got created as well as a more professional picture of yours truly for the Bio page.

lastly, I want to thank you, the readers of this blog. You support even by just reading my thoughts and stories helps more than you think it does.

Have a great day and I’ll keep the stories coming

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