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Survival Kit for November

A need to survive lends one to be prepared for the worst.

Fancy words aside, it is almost November 1st and I’m planning and going to take on the challenge of writing a whole novel in one month.  Unlike last year, when I did a little bit of preparing and wrote my first novel, The Last Commando. This year I’m planning to have my stuff together so I can just start come November 1st and start writing this collection of good stories. I have already planned the novel for the most part but I also need to prepare myself and have a kit to keep myself sane. Below are some of the things I am using to make it through the upcoming month.


This year, rather than last year, writing on the couch in front of the t.v. I’m going to be cleaning up the office in my house and use it as my writing base. I will grab a pic of it once I’m done because right now it is a mess.


The brain of this bad boy. I have all the planning for this novel stored on my laptop and I’m going to be doing all the writing for this book anyway.


It is a word processing app that is a writer’s dream. I swear I don’t know how I wrote my novel last year just in Microsoft Word. Now I’m planning to make my life a whole lot easier by just using a program designed to make my life easier.

So those are some of things I’ll need to survive. If you thought, I forgot the support of loved ones, food and drinks as well the support from the people you read this blog & on twitter – nope. I want to say in advance thank you for everything you will do for me in the month of November.

Remember this is where the story matters



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