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Novel Progress Week 2

Hey everyone,

This is a quick update in regards to my Nanowrimo progress. So far it has been 14 days and I’m just going to give you some raw stats so far

The Yearbook – A collection of short stories is 40% done.
The word count as of today is 20,116 out of 50,000 words.
A total of 3 out of 12 stories are completed.

This week has been a bit hard for me. The first week, I was finding a good scheduled of when to write and the weekend did help a bit catch up on my word count. I spent one night just too exhausted and didn’t write a word. So this coming weekend, I will be spewing over 5,000 while working some pick up hours on Saturday too. December is looking good for a whole lot of rest and Xmas shopping. Oh and writing till four in the morning isn’t a good way to get those words caught up to my goal. This weekend coming on Sunday, I’m hosting my first write in for Kanata, Ontario. I’ll include what and who(if anyone) came to the event. No matter what, it is a good time to just sit for four hours and do nothing but write.

Oh and I just added a section to the blog where you can check out things you might find interesting.

So don’t stop believing because this is where the story matters


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