Book Report

The end has come and the task has slayed me. The stats for the my attempt at a second novel which is to be titled The Yearbook – A collection of short stories is below.

The Yearbook – A collection of short stories is 57% done.
The final count as of today is 28381 out of 50,000 words.
A total of 4 out of 12 stories were completed.

So a month in review with my first attempt at writing twelve stories in one month and I didn’t succeed. I think I hit the wall while working on the fifth story in this collection. So this year, I have to say that I didn’t complete a novel in 30 days. It got so bad that I was stressing myself out over it so much that I wasn’t sleeping or sleeping for little time that I was becoming distant from my friends and loved ones. I had to finally look at the project and say to myself, “I can come back to this next time or at a later date”. The best advice I had gotten while attempting this task was simple and straight forward, “Take a break for a day, it will do you good”

The problem I find with setting out in a public way a challenge is handling the failure that comes from not meetings people expectations. I spent the last week in November trying to find the words to tell people that I failed and then realized that if they love me, they will be supportive in your defeat. I can say that I got four complete stories that I will have to post on the blog after editing them because they are raw.

Learning from failure and mistakes is the only way to make yourself a better person in life. So what failures in your life have you gone through and the experience made you a better person for?

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2 comments on “Book Report

  1. I what I’m about to write about, I in no way consider a failure, so we will call it a mistake (for lack of a better word). I use to be extremely naive in relationships and believed that the person I was with had the sme feelings as me. Because of that, I made choices in a relationship that ended with me pregnant and him walking away. Why is this not a failure? The end result is a wonderful child whom has fulfilled my life beyond belief. Chris, I don’t think there are failures in life. The outcome just doesn’t always end up being quite what you expect. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I hope you know that you bring a bit of happiness into I’m sure more than my day whenever that email comes saying there is a new post. 🙂 keep it up!

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