My Embarrassing Moment

An embarrassing moment when it happens is horrible but add time, it becomes a great story to tell everyone. We all have had that moment in which the world and you can see yourself at the worst for whatever reason. I have had a couple of them over the years but today I am going to tell one of those stories.

I will try to keep it short and sweet so we can all laugh about it. So I was about 22 years old and just living life. I went to the bar most fridays and saturdays. One night, I couldn’t figure out why every person was laughing and patting me on the back. No girl would even dance with me but I just went to dance and enjoy the music. So when I started walking home, I felt a breeze and wondered how I was feeling it. I asked my friend and he just smirked before shaking his head. I didn’t give it a second thought until I got home and looked down to finally see that my fly was done the WHOLE night.

At the time, I died a little, all these people saw me with my fly dancing and trying to hit on the girls. Good god!

What is an embarrassing story that happened to you? Leave a comment and let me know or email it to me?

4 comments on “My Embarrassing Moment

  1. Oh wow that is so embarrassing!

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