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Happy Birthday to Me!

Cake for everyone!

Happy birthday to me! I am not planning to do all that much. In the past, I would have partied all weekend long and booked off yesterday(Monday) so I could have a long weekend but I didn’t. I guess this whole growing up thing is catching up to me. I’m 30yrs old. What does that mean to me?

It means that I’m done my 20s and so I should close out somethings that I no longer need and start to look out into the future. I won’t be leaving my friends behind but I will be trying to reconnect with the ones that I’ve lost touch with. Oh as well, I will be focusing on the healthy relationship and leaving the negative ones behind. Today is a day I just want to be happy and do whatever feels right. No stress of a birthday party or planning out something to do. I want to take advantage of the small things in life that because of the working man mentality, I’ve lost touch with. Also, going forward I want to change somethings for the better. Make better life choices, actually try to put more behind getting healthy.

What gift would I want? Gold, diamonds or even silver? Not this time, not this year. I want gifts that are different, unique and original. I know birthdays is when people give you gifts but this year, I want to give you all my readers and potential readers a small gift, a mix. Below, is a link to music I listen to and so I wanted to let you all hear some of my favorite music.

Thank you for the birthday wishes in advance.

What is an unique birthday gift that you were given or someone has given? Leave your answer in the comments below because I’m curious

One comment on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Congtats with everything and good luck for the future if we dont ever talk again because ur so busy with ur new life and don’t have time for ur old friends

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