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The Monolouges

Years ago, I lived in Waterloo Ontario and I went camping with this lovely family and friends. I was seeing the mother but after this evening camping trip, I cut it off soon there after.

It was a hot summer day, a Saturday to be specific where I was just hanging out at home in the apartment. My roommate Gerry was already gone out with some of his friends and I was just seeking something to do for that night. Nancy calls and she tells me that her family and her next door neighbor were going camping in the park not even a 30min walk from my apartment building for the day/night and she wanted me to join. I thought about it and said I’d come along. I didn’t really bring anything seeing as I could come home if I didn’t want to sleep but I did bring a super warm jacket and extra pair of socks.

So after my half and hour walk, I end up at the park group with Nancy, her little son and daughter and her friends. We had burgers and hot dogs. The kids were loving life and just being kids. I was enjoying the time and I wasn’t sipping on any booze and the night went on. At first, I wasn’t going to stay but Nancy convinced me to stay the night but as we were settling down in our tent for the night, the kids were not listening to Nancy and not going to bed, so she got out of the tent and started talking and trying to get her son to bed. I was lying there for about 15mins and only hearing the conversation turning into an argument. I climbed out of the tent to see Nancy holding her son by the arm and then pop. Nancy slapped her son clear across the face. The world stopped and I had never seen this side of her. She otherwise was a great mother but in a blink of an eye, she became an ugly person. I’m not angel but I never thought she’d do that. I put back on my clothes and just made some excuse about an emergency back home. I left at 2am and walked in the dark back home.

The next day, I got over run with calls from Nancy saying that she is sorry she did that and she never has done that before. I hung out with her less and less then just stopped all together. If I sound like a bad person for stopping seeing a single mother because she hit her child, leave a message.

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