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Rap Battle!

On Feburary 9th, I was apart of and watched a rap battle. A battle between two MCs set in the stage of an apartment. It was something you’d have to see to believe, oh wait I’ll give you that chance at the end.

I was just going to support Phexid but ended up doing double duty as a camera man. No complaints here, I help out and support my man where I can. It was a small crowd but that helped with how raw and real the event was. Just in case you didn’t know what one is, let Wikipedia help you get a basic idea of what battle rap is. Battle rap is is a type of rapping that includes a lot of braggadocio (bragging and boasting) content combined with put-downs, insults, and disses against real or imaginary opponents.

How did I score the battle? My scoring system is out of 3. I look for lyrics, stage presents & technique. Round 1 was a dead heat 3-3. Both men had everything they wanted, it was too close to tell. Round 2 Ramsey had a strong round except it was short and he lacked that presence but Phexid came correct so I scored it 2-3. Last round is where there was another stumble by Ramsey which wouldn’t have lost him the battle but he didn’t come back with that fire I figured and hoped he had. The last round was 1-2. Phexid went way too long for me. I mean it was some nice stuff but he could have cut it off and still shown how good he was.

So the final score was 5-8 for Phexid.

What did you give it? Leave a comment and let me know!

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