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An Update appears from the Wilderness!!!


It is been a minute since I’ve been writing on the blog. The joys of working an office job and a small social life that I won’t complain about. Things are changing for the better in a lot of ways and this change is scary beyond it all. But if you don’t adept, you don’t survive and grow. Some of these changes are personal and some are as a writer.

To try and keep it brief, I will just bullet point some highlights of the past month.

1. I got a new laptop. My old one wasn’t cutting it. It served me well and I will pass it on to someone else who needs it.

2. Office life is getting a bit more robotic but that is a good thing. I can breath a little bit. It feels like sometimes that they are looking for reasons to fire us but weeks like last week remind me that my paranoia is just that. But I could always be wrong.

3. I found an editor who is willing to work with me. Finally, it came out of no where but it is a great thing. Now the hard part is going to be the re-writing of the story until it is ready for publication. The editor did say along to the end of the story but I will be on the search again for another editor.

4. Getting the final steps ready for my Facebook page to be release and now if you follow the link on my site, you can like my page.

5. I started and finished my University writing course. I won’t got into much of it now seeing as I have a whole blog set up for that but I will say I learned a lot from it.

So I hope those are still on this journey forgive me for taking so long to catch you all up but if you’ve stayed along for the ride this long, I THANK YOU so much.

Have a great day

Chris Ifill

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