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Dentist Visit


A simple trip to the dentist office to some is a fun trip but to me it wasn’t fun at all. I haven’t made a trip to the dentist in so many years. I wouldn’t have even gone to the horrible place but the pain in my tooth was so bad that I couldn’t sleep or do anything except writhe in pain.

Normally, I could find relief from this pain which had been going on for a month with a simple drug but this time, it just didn’t stop no matter what I took. So there I was standing in front of this very nice office and the only thought running through my mind was Please give me the strength enough not to freak out. The last time I saw a dentist for anything, the place was in a mall and it was horrible. I had to have a tooth removed and they sure did remove it all right. They used some tools and just twisted and yanked it clear out of my mouth. The whole that was left was infected and this was a level of pain that I never wish on anyone. After talking with the receptionist and filling out the forms they needed filled. I had to sit down in this nice office and wait. Every second ticked by, my heart started to go faster as well as my whole body tense up. I was taking deep breaths the whole time waiting just to make sure I wouldn’t get up and leave. Ten minutes turned felt like an hour. I was asked to the back and the dental nurse was so nice and kind. Each step made me want to scream out I’m fine and walk right out the door. I saw in the small room looked around and it began. They took some pictures and god, I almost did it. I saw myself pulling everything away and just walking out. I couldn’t do it. Not today, not this time. Went through the whole process and the actual dentist came in and gave me the bad news that I already knew. Tooth infected and will need some major work. We talked about a plan and I just rambled on and on trying to keep myself from breaking down. I will admit, I don’t do dentist or doctors well. I have in the past run out of offices just to keep myself from crying. This dental office was amazing. The staff was so nice and caring. They helped me through everything. So after the medication was given and a time line to help me fix stuff, I just left and wanted to curl up and sleep.

This was a simple trip that should have been done years ago but I let my fear take away parts of my smile. Not today, today was the first day in many days I took my smile back from fear and then slapped it down. I should write this place a thank you letter, the service they did was above and beyond anything I would expect for a dentist office to do.

Have a great day everyone.



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