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Paid Writing



Losing my virginity is a feeling that some people chase for the rest of their life. I didn’t chase it, I lived the moment over again when I got paid for the first time in years. And the icing on the cake was the fact that it was my office job.

It was a contest to write the office’s mission statement and vision statement. What are those two things – if you don’t know. I write them down below so you know:

Mission statement: A formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

Vision statement: Defines the optimal desired future state – the mental picture – of what an organization wants to achieve over time; Provides guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years;


I didn’t take much thought into it at first but then I wanted to show people at my office that I can write very well. And low and behold, I got the message on my way into work. I just stopped what I was doing, which was watching a video and dance like a school girl on prom night. In that moment, I know and felt reassured that my writing skills were good enough for a company to use let alone pay me for. They paid me $100 for the use of my mission statement and as well I contributed to the mission statement. If you are curious as what won, I can only show you what I originally submitted. The final product is the companies so nothing that can be done by that. So enjoy it below and trust me, that paid writer feeling is only starting. I know my future is only to include more and more paid works.

Our call center mission is to Evolve, Adapt, Succeed, Repeat.   Our call center is evolving with the needs of our customers & our industry. Adapting to any and all changes to improve ourselves to better serve us so that we can succeed in giving our customers the best experience they deserve and then we just repeat the process throughout time.

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