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My University Experience

Source: futurelearn.com

Source: futurelearn.com


The below took in April of 2014. So enjoy!

“Never stop learning so you can never stop being great” – Chris

I never want to stop learning and being a better writer. So I started back on April 28th an 8 week course on starting and writing creative fiction. As you read this, you will see my thoughts and feelings throughout the course.

Started week 1 with high hopes and a high out reach. Yes, the week has now ended and I learned a lot of skills. From starting to journal all my writing thoughts in a notebook to how to write a bad character sketch. It isn’t easy to learn all these new skills but I’m sticking in there. I’m about to start week 2 and I look forward to even more knowledge and to be able to gain more tools to become a better writer/author.

Week 2 had us do a bunch of work on getting your details done and making them better. Below is a character sketch I had to write:

A teenager who has curly shoulder length brown hair that she only wants to be straight. She looks in the mirror, a range of things crossed her mind but they all went away as she checked each freekle in fear of the worst. She slipped on her bra and as she fashioned the last clip she again look at the mirror before images of her friends in school who were more endowed came into her mind for a second. They disappeared as she put on her t-shirt. Her white t-shirt was all but hidden by her baggy black hoodie which matched with her black leggings. Just before she was about to leave her own bathroom, she looked down at the neon pink nail polish. She caught and stopped her hand as she felt the smooth cold tip of the bottle of nail polish. She smiled, left the bathroom with her head held high. She scooped up her rainbow colored backpack and slipped on her matching sneakers.

As well as a 500 word essay about something I heard on the radio. I will put that below as well so you can read through it:

“Yes mom, I know that tomorrow I am going to meet the governer.” Stacy said as she ate another peice of her sandwich at the table. Crums went down her white t-shirt but Stachy just brushed it off of her chest. Stacy grabbed her drink and finished it. A loud burp escaped her lips and Stacy followed it with laughter. Stacy’s mom fished readering her laptop then her glace cut the laughter short. “I swear you forgot how to act like a lady” Stacy’s mom said.

Stacy took a second before she grabbed her backpack and skate board. She gave her mom a kiss on the cheek before she ran out the door. The wheels of her skate board loud pop which followed by her gliding away from her house.

I saw people who had written large portions of text and tried to max out at 500 words but I thought to myself before writing You should be able to start a good story and get everything across pretty quickly.

I’m going to combine week 3 and 4 because they are some what related. Week 4 was a more relaxed week than three because it was about research, how to create plot & a writers’ notebook. I flew right through it and all the notes are in the notebook it’s self. Week 3 had us write a bit of a story. I’m going to include it to the bottom of this paragraph.

“This bracelet will be the best gift I’ve ever got her” Amelia closed the lid on the box that she kept the shinny bracelet in. She was about half way through the neighborhood. She could see her house which was only a couple of feet in the distance when all the sudden Sally and her crew came from behind her. A hard slap caused her to drop the bracelet. A hand swiped up the bracelet. “Give that back to me! It isn’t yours.” Amelia screamed.
“Pass that here, she’s right.” Sally grabbed the box.
“That isn’t for you, come on, please just give it back to me.” Amelia said before she felt her hands being restrained. Amelia struggled to get her arms free but all her focus was on Sally holding the bracelet.
“Listen, I’ll be nice and sell it back to you for $200.” Sally laughed along with the other girls.
“Please, just give the bracelet back.” Amelia said before her face was landed hard against the ground. The world went black for a second. As the world came back into focus, All Amelia saw was different feet surrounding her face. She sat up to a loud scream from what turned out to be her mother.

The reviews of this are positive with small comments about wanting to hear more. Onto week 5 so upwards and on wards.

So far, I’ve stopped and taken a break from the course. I was struggling with the topics and not absorbing it as much as I should. I have only 2 or three weeks left but I will spend the next two weekends being busy with life(birthday parties and weddings) so I am planning on being on week 6 by Friday.

So with my final short story that was due by week 8 of the course and I wrote it alright. It wasn’t supposed to be so hard but it was. The whole idea was to have the story show how unique the character was. I crafted a story about a women who has extra ordinary abilities but has hide it from everyone until her house is invaded by some bad guys. Oh and I had to keep it under 1000 words.

So now that it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve completed the course. I did manage to add some new skills to my craft but now it is still the problem of what is next after this program. I will always try to keep improving my skills and craft. I did enjoy this whole online learning course. The only down side at times for me had to be the class size. It was way bigger than I thought it was going to be.


One comment on “My University Experience

  1. Found your post through the MondayBlogs hashtag! I only took one writing class in college (odd considering how much I love writing). I think what I’ve taken from writing so far is to keep writing, finish what you start, get critiqued, and rewrite. 🙂 You’ll grow from there!

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