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Zombie Tag


After watching the above video, I got thinking what my answers would be to the same questions. So enjoy my answers to the Zombie Apocalypse tag.

Which three fictional people would you have in your team?

My team of three fictional people would be James Bond, Petra Strorm and Bruna Alabaster. James bond for the obvious laundry list of skills and talents would help us survive and make sure of anything we find along the way. Petra is a extremely strong telepath(The Chrysalids) and possibly telekinetic abilities would helps us move and fortify once we found a nice place. Finally we have Bruna, an angel who can fly and scout ahead.

The object immediately to your left is your only weapon. Will you survive?

The object to my left is a small brass lamp. I will survive for some time by bashing it against zombies.

If you were a zombie, who would you want to bite?

I don’t know who’d I want to bite beside child murders and racists so that I could at least kill the lowest of the low in society.

What would your survival plan be?

This could be a whole saga of posts. Without going into too much detail, I would fortify with a small group of friends at a near by water filtration plant then slowly branch out and continue to live off the land.

What would you do if your parents became zombies?

I can say right now, I’d put them down and kill them but if the actual time came, I don’t know if I could.

Do you want the zombie apocalypse to happen?

Of course not! I don’t want to be thrusted into a society where it is kill or be killed.

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