Bullying – You’re doing it wrong always!

Bullying in modern day classes is real as this story gets. For those you didn’t get to read the whole story, it happened to a 13yr old boy who gets picked on by the whole class AND the teacher. It happened in Feb. and all the teacher got for this incident was a 13yr day […]

The Journey Continues

If you haven’t already read the first installment in my journey, please go back and read the first part at the following link The Journey of Four Wheels So here’s a quick update in regards to the journey of me getting my licence. Basically, I have been reading bits and peices of the driver’s handbook. […]

Elizabeth’s Happy Ending

The single feather hitting a calm water is the perfect ending for a movie where everything went right for the good guy. On this past Sunday, the ending came for Elizabeth Hallahan. She passed away as she wanted to, in her home, in her favorite chair. I won’t go on too much because her passing […]

Break Up Story

Breaking up is never easy to do. I have next to never been the one doing the breaking up. I’m the guy who gets dumped. I was listening to some music from the 90s and this one song got me thinking about my first serious relationship through high school. The relationship started good and all. […]

Tech Talk

On the last installment of Tech Talk, I talked about the problems I was having with my laptop among other electronic issues. Well this will be a short and simple update. I’m going to look at a laptop today that will possibly have a new home with me. The stats are not well known at […]